Did you know, if you don’t plan for what happens 
when you die, the state of Florida will do that for you?

FREE Estate Planning Workshop

Join Morgan Law Center for a FREE informative and interactive workshop where we will go over...

The Top 12 Truths About Estate Planning

FREE Estate Planning Workshop

Join Morgan Law Center for a FREE informative and interactive workshop where we will go over...

The Essentials of Estate Planning

It's completely FREE and you can watch immediately from the 
comfort and safety of your own home.

The Essentials of Estate Planning Will Answer Your Questions:

  • ​What Happens to My Assets and Property When I Die?
  • ​How Do I Protect My Assets from Going to the Wrong People or Taxes?
  • ​Should I Add my Child to My Bank Accounts so They Can Pay Bills?
  • Do I Need an Attorney to Set up Wills and Trusts?
  • ​What Other Important Documents Do I Need to Set up to Protect My Family?
  • ​How Can My Family Avoid Probate After a Loved One Passes?
  • What Happens if a Loved One is Medically Incapacitated and Unable to Make Medical Decisions? 
  • ​How Can We Prepare for the Best End of Life Care? 
  • ​.... and so much more!

What Our Clients Say:

"Friends, this (workshop) is well worth your time and Roberta is so helpful." ~ Shannon

"After the death of my husband in 2013, I was so thankful that my husband and I had chosen Morgan Law Center for our estate planning. The firm was not only efficient, but caring and compassionate as well. It was a blessing to have our legal and financial affairs handled in such a loving and professional manner. This allowed much needed time for our family to spend together remembering and honoring our loved one. It was a relief for the weight to be taken off of our shoulders. "  ~ -Betty Jean Daughtry

"Among the many benefits of doing our estate planning with Morgan Law Center is their Legacy Protection Program. We have been clients of the firm for many years and have made a point of visiting Teresa annually to review our plans. Because we have had the freedom to tweak our plans each year, they reflect our current decisions based on today’s circumstances. And, due in large part to Teresa’s compassionate interviewing skills, we have created plans that promote our core values and give us great peace of mind. Teresa has always been fair, trustworthy, and extremely helpful to us. To put it plainly, she’s terrific!" 
~ Sam and Karon Viviano

"I first met Teresa when I sought help in establishing a Living Trust. My husband had died unexpectedly and I realized how important having my affairs in order would be for my three adult children. Teresa is a pleasant, knowledgable lawyer to work with. She carefully explained that ramifications of various choices. Once I decided on a plan, she and her staff created a binder for me in which to keep all the information about my Living Trust and other end of life papers such as Power of Attorney, etc. Since I first worked with Teresa as a lawyer, I have also known her through my church. She is active in community affairs as well as church. She is always pleasant whether meeting her professionally or outside the office.
For anyone seeking advice and help with estate planning, I would highly recommend Teresa Byrd Morgan."
~-Kay, a former client

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