The Basic Information You Need to Know About Probating an Estate

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What if my loved one died without a will in place?

I found my mom or my dad’s will, why do I have to go to court?

How much will it cost me to open a probate?

How long will it take to probate the property?

Do I have to pay debts my loved one left behind?

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Join Elder Law attorney, Teresa Byrd Morgan, in this virtual presentation where she answers these questions based on her own personal and professional experience. You don’t want to miss this!
What Our Clients Say:
"After the death of my husband in 2013, I was so thankful that my husband and I had chosen Morgan Law Center for our estate planning. The firm was not only efficient, but caring and compassionate as well. It was a blessing to have our legal and financial affairs handled in such a loving and professional manner. This allowed much needed time for our family to spend together remembering and honoring our loved one. It was a relief for the weight to be taken off of our shoulders."
~Betty Jean Daughtry

"Friends, this (workshop) is well worth your time and Morgan Law Center is so helpful." 
~ Shannon
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